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Rebekah Ferral

Offering a scientific approach to nutrition and health

Roughly half of the American population has a chronic disease.  Approximately 18% have a mental illness while 50% of the population are expected to be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.  Although the statistics are staggering, there is hope! Genetics, lab testing, and a personalized health plan can be interwoven to equip your body with the power to overcome these illnesses.  This approach is highly successful and is beneficial for a whole host of illnesses: autoimmune disease, muscular/neurological disorders, Autism, learning/behavioral disorders, depression and so much more.  Yes, there is hope!

About me

I am a nutritional and genetic consultant.   The goal of Ancora Nutritional Services is to assist you in taking charge of your health.  This is done by addressing genetics, gut bacteria, nutrition, etc.  Simply put, problematic areas such as sleep, digestion, mood, etc. are optimized.

What I can do for you


Your genetic profile is the blueprint of who you are, and it reveals the keys to unlocking the mysteries at the base of your medical conditions. This information ultimately allows us to turn on and off gene expression to assist in restoring health to your body.

Nutrition Plans

Nutrition is an important element in most illnesses.  Each person is unique, so a customized diet will be created for you based on your genetics, your health condition, and your lifestyle.

Lab testing

I will frequently use laboratory tests (such as inflammation, vitamin D, allergy/intolerance, neurotransmitter, etc.) to help identify and treat the areas of the body that are out of balance.

Bacteria and fungal balance

Did you know that there are just as many bacterial organisms in your body as there are human cells?  Research shows that bacteria needs to be balanced properly for you to be healthy.  I will assist you in balancing your bacteria so that it promotes wellness, allowing you enjoy a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Weight loss

Are you tired of the traditional weight loss plan that doesn’t keep the weight off?  I will work with you to find ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle, one that will support your healthy weight in a way that will stand the test of time.

You should also know…

If this approach sounds new to you, it is because it has only been practiced for less than a decade!   An integrated approach using lab testing, genetics, and nutrition provides a multifaceted basis for supporting the body and covers the basis of many illnesses.  Please note, I am a consultant, not a doctor and am not licensed to treat or diagnose illness or disease.  Please continue to follow all instructions given by your doctor. For more information, feel free to send me an email with any questions you may have!


If you have questions or are interested, I would love to hear from you!  You can contact me through facebook, email, and phone.

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Take charge of your health!